Journey to $1M in Cashflow per Year

Tracking our journey to $1M in cashflow per year

Below we will track our yearly cashflow.

Our goal is to hit $1M per year within 10 years.


  • These numbers are based on properties we currently own or have under contract.
  • The revenue for future months is projected cashflow. As a month passes, it will be updated with actual data.
  • Also, as we add new properties, projections will be updated.
  • Cashflow is our cashflow based on our ownership in each property. Some properties we do not own 100%. The cashflow shown is only our share of cashflow from all properties that we are full or part owners in.
  • Cashflow is calculated by subtracting all expenses and debt payments from revenue.
  • Upfront large renovations (capex) are not included in expenses.

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